The Current Comic Series

Read all about the wild adventures of, The Current, and his trusted sidekicks! Their only goal is to help business owners become the hero that their employees need and deserve.

  • The Current #6 - Power

    The Current #6 - Power

    HEROES SHOW UP WHEN IT MATTERS MOST. That’s what you do for your clients — time and time again. At TAB Bank, you can count on us to be right there beside you every step of the way with our arsenal...

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  • The Current #5 - Reunion

    The Current #5 - Reunion

    EVEN HEROES NEED HELP SOMETIMES. At TAB Bank, we like to think that the care and commitment we put into our relationships are the greatest assets we have to offer. They’re what make us someone...

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  • The Current #4 - A New Rival

    The Current #4 - A New Rival

    TRUE HEROES HAVE VALUES. And that’s why at TAB Bank, you can always rely on us to operate with honesty and integrity for you and your clients. Combine that with our fast, flexible alternative...

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  • The Current #1 - Origins

    The Current #1 - Origins

    Every hero needs a sidekick. And at TAB Bank, we’re here to be yours. So while you’re out there fighting the good fight and giving small businesses the financial support they deserve, we’ll be...

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  • The Current #2 - Becoming

    The Current #2 - Becoming

    Become a true hero. Your clients count on you for financial support and guidance for their businesses. And you want to come through for them every time — even against all odds. At TAB Bank, we...

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  • The Current #3 - Unleashed

    The Current #3 - Unleashed

    There's a hero in all of us. We know the effort and lengths you go to for your clients and their businesses. That makes you a real hero in our hearts. At TAB Bank, we’re here to be your trusty side...

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