What to look for when you choose a business banking partner

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by John Huntinghouse, VP of Marketing

Business banking is one of a handful of crucial considerations that your company has to make to operate effectively. There's simply no way for the vast majority of modern businesses to manage their finances and keep their doors open without a reliable, responsive and supportive business banking partner. Let's look at some of the qualities that set great financial institutions apart from the competition when it comes to business banking.

A full suite of services

You don't want to partner with a bank that only dabbles in business services, so to speak. While many financial institutions are fully committed to providing a complete range business banking options, this should be an early and important consideration as you search for a dependable partner. You may also want to consider what banks have to offer in terms of business lending in addition to core banking options. Having an established relationship with a bank makes it easier to have open, informed and productive discussions about borrowing, and to ensure your bank understands which of its lending choices is a good fit for your specific needs.

How TAB Bank goes beyond the basics

TAB Bank is proud to offer standard checking, savings and money market accounts, along with certificates of deposit, covering all of the bases for basic yet critical business banking services. What sets us apart is the additional support we have to offer through our treasury management services. With more than a dozen potential options, from ACH origination and payroll distribution to loan and account sweeps and financial balance reporting, we don't just offer the basics. Instead, TAB Bank provides key support to foundational business practices through an a la carte approach that allows you to select the specific services that best fit your needs.

Understanding, experience and trust

A financial institution's ability to offer basic banking tools for businesses doesn't necessarily reflect its experience or understanding of how to support and inform its clients. In some cases, there's little conversation or discussion beyond initial pleasantries and outreach if there's something wrong with an account or a balance dips too low. This type of extremely low-touch banking may be seen as a benefit for busy business owners, but it means there's a low ceiling in terms of what your bank knows about you and how it can effectively support your operations.

TAB's focus on business banking

With two decades of experience working with businesses just like yours under our belt, we understand our role as a financial institution and how our services are so crucial to your operations. At TAB Bank, we actively work to make sure our business banking accounts are in line with what modern businesses need to maintain a strong grip on finances and support critical areas of operation.

When you choose to use our treasury management services, you also benefit from a dedicated relationship manager who makes keeping in contact a priority. This level of support helps to reveal key operational and financial insights, providing new dimensions of information and analysis that can drive your business forward.

Access and convenience

Modern businesses need easy access to their accounts and financial information, no matter the day or time. Some needs just can't wait to be addressed. Online banking tools make 24/7 reviews and updates easy, and they're increasingly seen as not just a benefit or convenience but a necessity. TAB Bank prioritizes online and mobile banking tools, making sure you can find the banking information you need, no matter when you need it.

Want to learn more about our powerful business banking options? Get in touch with us today!  As you continue looking at your options for a business banking partner we provide a more detailed look at this topic in our whitepaper titled, "Why a good Business Banking Partner is Critical for Organizational Success." You can also click on the tile below to access this resource.

Why a Good Business Banking Partner is Critical for Organizational Success

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