What can your bank do for your business?

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by Curt Queyrouze, President

At the very least, all reputable and dependable financial institutions offer secure accounts for depositing, storing and accessing money, as well as potentially earning interest. If all you want from your bank is the bare minimum, these qualifications are enough to inform your decision.

However, business owners and decision-makers who want to maximize the value of their relationship with a financial institution know there's more to consider when it comes to forming a long-lasting, mutually beneficial and reliable partnership with a bank. Let's look at the many ways TAB Bank provides effective support for all of the organizations that choose to partner with us.

Business banking options

Business banking accounts are the foundation of a successful relationship between a financial institution and a company.

Business checking accounts

A business checking account allows you to maintain control of and access to your organization's cash flow - an absolutely critical need for all types of companies large and small. When you choose TAB Bank for your checking needs, you enjoy benefits such as Mastercard debit cards, effective mobile and online banking and bill pay tools, minimal service charges and a 1.75% fuel purchase rebate. Learn more here.

Business savings and money market accounts

Savings and money market accounts give your enterprise a secure place to store funds used for everything from paying utility bills to hiring more employees and expanding operations. Our savings and money market accounts are simple, straightforward and ready for companies of all types to start using immediately. You can view the latest interest rates for checking and money market accounts on our dedicated landing page.

Certificates of deposit

CDs are a unique investment option, a method of protecting your principal even in a worst-case scenario while locking in a specific interest rate. This type of guaranteed growth can allow businesses to increase cash reserves as part of a long-term plan for saving and spending. You can view current CD rates and learn more about this investment here.

Treasury management services

We offer treasury management as a fully customizable suite of financial insight and support services for your business. From ACH and payroll origination and distribution to an analyzed business checking account and financial balance reporting, we work with your business to build the most relevant and useful combination of options. View the full list of treasury management services options.

Business lending choices

A loan or financing can help your company address an unpredictable emergency, stabilize cash flow or seize on opportunities to grow and diversify. All of our business lending products include a dedicated relationship manager, giving your company reliable support and guidance.


A powerful choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs, invoice factoring is straightforward and effective. You simply use unpaid invoices as collateral for a line of credit provided by TAB. This approach gives your business a high degree of control and oversight in the lending process. Learn more here.

A/R financing

Accounts receivable financing is very similar to factoring. We make the distinction to provide more specialized support to larger businesses through A/R financing. When your company uses unpaid invoices to secure a line of credit, it can act on a number of possibilities for growth and address potential problems capably and quickly.

Asset-based lending

Traditional financing can be very limited in terms of the assets and conditions it considers. Our asset-based lending program goes beyond cash flow and balance sheets, taking a wider variety of assets into consideration. Accounts receivable, inventory and some equipment can all be taken into account, expanding the options available and, potentially, the resultant line of credit as well. Check out our dedicated landing page for more information about asset-based lending.

Equipment financing

Focused on the trucking and transportation industries, equipment financing allows you to secure the tractor-trailers and other mission-critical tools you need without having to pay the total cost up front. You can even use our equipment financing program to refinance an existing loan and realize a more manageable interest rate. Find out more about our equipment financing options here.

About the Author

Curt Queyrouze

Prior to joining TAB Bank, Curt amassed over 30 years of commercial finance and commercial banking experience. His career has included various credit, sales, and portfolio management positions in asset-based lending, factoring, corporate banking, oil and gas finance, real estate lending, financial institutions, healthcare finance, and middle marketing lending. Previous roles include Senior Vice President/Director of Loss Mitigation for Whitney Bank where he managed the resolution of a multi-billion-dollar problem loan portfolio. He also previously served as Division Credit Executive for PNC Business Credit and as Chief Operating Officer of The Receivable Exchange, playing a critical role in the launch of this internet-based, factoring auction platform.<br><br>Curt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Louisiana State University. He has also taught many classes on financial analysis, cash flow analysis, loan structuring, and workout strategies. He has served in many volunteer leadership positions for non-profit organizations advocating arts and humanities and disease awareness and prevention. As President, Curt oversees all strategic, financial, credit, and operational functions of the bank.

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