Does your business banking hold up?

Graphic design image of a building that represents a bank with a background of cash with the words, "Your business banking is a core consideration, one that is established on but has a continual impact on your operations." - TAB Bank

by Shane Adair, Marketing Manager

Running a business means making countless decisions. And while you can quickly lose track of how many choices you have to make for your business, you know how important they are to ongoing stability, development and success.

Your business banking is a core consideration, one that is established early on but has a continual impact on your operations. Have you considered your current business banking situation, how it helps (or potentially drags down) your business and any options you may have to improve or optimize this key need? Let's look at what TAB Bank brings to the table.

Savings and money market accounts

No matter what industry your company operates in or the size of your enterprise, you need a secure place to reliably store and, at times, access funds. That's the foundational service offered by savings and money market accounts.

Are your current savings or money market accounts easy to work with and have adequate support? While many reputable financial institutions provide consistent service, there are always exceptions, and you should never accept substandard support or treatment. A more variable consideration is the return your account provides. The interest rate associated with your savings and money market accounts has a noticeable impact on your business finances. Check out our most recent rates to see how they compare to your current ones - and if there's room for you to do more with your business's money.

Business checking accounts

Business checking accounts help your company maintain smooth operations and process incoming and outgoing payments on a daily basis. Just as with a savings or money market account, you need to know your checking account is reliable and accessible whenever you need it to be.

Despite the common nature of business checking accounts and their wide range of availability, there are certain options that make these accounts that much more useful and accessible. We offer our account holders a number of benefits (depending on account type), including Mastercard debit cards, mobile and online banking options, a 1.75 percent rebate on fuel purchases, convenient funding options and minimal monthly service charges. Does your current business checking account offer these benefits?

Treasury management

Effectively controlling business finances is by no means a simple or straightforward task. For business owners whose experience skews toward their specific industry and not financial oversight, some trusted outside assistance can make a big difference. We're proud to offer a suite of customizable treasury management options that help your business become as financially efficient and secure as possible.

Treasury management options include secure online banking, ACH origination and payroll distribution, online wire transfer services for both domestic and international needs, remote deposit capture, lockbox processing, positive pay, loan and account sweeps, merchant services and much more. All of these services come with the support of a dedicated relationship manager who can help point out the best path forward for your company's financial operations.

Certificates of deposit

CDs offer a unique and powerful mix of security and dependable returns for everyone who uses them. These investment vehicles are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which means your money is safe even in a worst-case scenario. If you have spare funds and want to take advantage of the competitive interest rates we offer, you can quickly and confidently invest in one CD or several. With interest rates tied to the length of time funds are committed to the certificate, you can use a variety of strategies to balance investment, return and access to funds.

The TAB Bank difference

We know that you have plenty of options when it comes to finding a financial institution to provide the core banking services that help your business operate on a daily basis. Because we've worked with businesses just like yours for 20 years and have developed products and services with the needs of those companies in mind, we're confident you'll find our offerings to be a great fit for your needs. To learn more, get in touch with us today!

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Shane Adair

Shane Adair grew up in Cedar City, Utah. Shane earned a Sterling Scholar Award in Visual Arts along with a football scholarship from Southern Utah University. He earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Minor at SUU. <br><br>After college he and his wife, Kimberlie Adair, moved to Phoenix, AZ, where he began his career in sales. Shortly thereafter he earned an MBA in International Management from the University of Phoenix. He has managed successful sales teams for over 18 years in a variety of fields. <br><br>Shane spent 7 years in the newspaper industry and had the opportunity to oversee two dailies and two weeklies along with various other publications for Clovis Media Inc. in Clovis, NM. This success led him to Flagstaff, AZ, where he not only directed the efforts of the advertising sales staff, but he successfully launched the monthly publication - Northern Arizona Business Journal. In 2014 Shane was recognized for his success and was sought out to lead the sales efforts for the Standard-Examiner in Ogden, Utah. Most recently he has transitioned out of the newspaper advertising world and into marketing with TAB Bank, a leader in commercial lending, more specifically asset based lending and AR Financing. <br><br>Shane stumbles his way through broken Korean, speaks English fluently, is an avid reader, loves to think he still has artistic ability, is the old guy still playing rec league sports – without a knee brace, is the father of 6 amazing children, and the lucky husband of one smoking hot wife. <br><br>Specialties: Marketing management, SEO, SEM/PPC, digital advertising, MarTech stack development, vendor management, marketing automation, WordPress management, project management, sales management, contract negotiations, product training, sales training

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