Utilizing the flexible benefits of treasury management

Utilizing the flexible benefits of treasury management

by Michael Palmer, COO

Treasury management services can provide a wide variety of benefits to the businesses that choose to use them. The flexibility of treasury management is especially important to understand in this context, as it has a critical impact on the benefits companies derive from it. As you begin to consider using treasury management to bolster your organization and fill in any gaps related to financial oversight, remember that the ability to choose from a suite of individual services is a defining feature.

Taking full advantage of treasury management's flexible nature

Perhaps you're an expert in your field, but don't have much in the way of experience managing day-to-day or long-term business finances. Or you might have experience handling payroll distribution and company cards, but want some help handling lockbox processing and other services. Whether you want to use just a few options or the entire slate offered by your financial institution, you can find support for critical functions without having to hire dedicated staff or learn potentially complicated management processes while also trying to lead your business.

Assessing what you need from treasury management is vital to making smart, efficient choices and getting the most out of it. This doesn't have to be a particularly difficult or time-consuming process. Simply compare the list of treasury management services TAB offers with your company's current approach to these needs and determine where you could benefit from a little more assistance.

If you only need a few pieces added in to complete the puzzle, that's all you need to ask for. You won't have to change the way your business handles certain processes, especially if those tactics have proven to be reliable and productive. Conversely, if your business is just getting off the ground or you've realized you need to alter your approach to some or all aspects of financial oversight, treasury management can also offer more sweeping changes. The key concept to keep in mind is there's no predefined, ideal approach to treasury management. Choosing the services that benefit your business is what matters.

How treasury management can help your company prosper

With a solid plan in place around which treasury management services your company will use, the next step is getting in touch with a reliable, dependable partner that can competently and consistently support your business. TAB Bank is proud to offer individualized support and build strong relationships with our partners, contributing key insight and guidance along with treasury management services themselves.

With an active treasury management plan, your company stands to see some positive changes in the weeks, months and years ahead. In the long term, perhaps the easiest one to see will be increased stability and trust in the management of everything from loan and account sweeps to financial balance reporting. Without having to attempt to train yourself or hire staff - who may themselves eventually move on and require replacement - there's more time to focus on the operational side of your business. You will see consistent reporting and updates related to your treasury management services, allowing you to make more informed decisions without the large time commitments that come along with personal oversight of such services.

Through treasury management, you can also allow your existing staff to spend more time focused on the areas where they have existing expertise and proficiency. Instead of having to be jacks of all trades when it comes to financial oversight, they can stick to the areas where they provide the strongest benefits and support your business in the most effective way possible.

Treasury management makes good business sense for organizations that don't have the staff or resources to easily and consistently manage all aspects of their finances and associated responsibilities. As you look to grow and strengthen your company, don't feel like you have to go it alone in terms of financial oversight. Get in touch with TAB Bank today to learn more about what we can offer organizations just like yours.

About the Author

Michael Palmer

As TAB Bank’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike oversees the operational and customer support teams that assist TAB’s clients with their deposit relationships with the bank. Additionally, his teams securely process all the bank’s electronic funds transfers, apply for invoice specific payments across the factoring portfolio, and process thousands of lockbox and other checks per week.<br><br>Mike is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager. Prior to his experience at TAB Bank, he spent 13 years at Wells Fargo, the last ten being spent in regulatory compliance roles focusing on international BSA/AML compliance as well as mortgage and consumer lending regulations. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Marketing from Utah State University and a Master of Business Administration from Brigham Young University. He is a graduate from the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin –Madison where he completed courses necessary to achieve the Executive Leadership Certificate from the Wisconsin School of Business.

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